Specifications and Price Camera Sony A7 Updated


Specifications and Price Camera Sony A7 Updated ~ Certainly have a good camera is a dream every lover of photography, to have a good camera and in accordance with the needs of course need a way to be able to choose which match you want. With a good camera is certainly the object you want to photograph or videokan will produce a very good picture quality and certainly gives the impression that boast of its own.

There are many cameras that you can choose and make your friends wherever you go, to have a good camera would be an easy one moment would be wonderful if you use a good camera. Many people are confused to choose a camera as general users who do not know so much about the camera. But there are also knows exactly where the cameras are good and which are not, in fact they make friends live camera or basic needs that must be met and taken anywhere. But here we have a few suggestions camera that fits in all conditions both photos and videos that a7 sony camera. Full frame given by sony certainly gives this camera an excellent feature.

Specifications and Price Camera Sony A7 Updated

Price Camera Sony A7

And already we get to the latest price of sony camera A7 with various sources and foreign media that for the current and latest price of this camera in bandrol 1,786.80 USD.

Camera specifications Sony A7

Sony does not mess with their products this one, with the quality and features offered would make the camera manufacturers other astonished with camera products sony a7, using CMOS sensor Esmor resolution 24 MP 35 MM Full Frame can produce images Nice powerful and beautiful, and also add in the video that they are 1080 / 60p and supported by the codec XAVC S.

Many advantages to be had from Sony a7 although the price is not too expensive, and this camera is also equipped with WiFi and NFC (Near Field Communication) which can share a photo or video directly without having to use a data cable. And of course that’s not all, there are still a lot of features and sophistication that can be obtained from this a7 sony camera.

Judging from the many aspects that already we describe Prices and Specifications Sony Camera Latest A7 at the top of this camera is certainly very feasible at all to be owned and its price is also fitted and completely consistent with the products provided sony.
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