Prices and Specifications Digital Camera Sony SLT-A58 Kit

By | January 19, 2016
Prices and Specifications Digital Camera Sony SLT-A58 Kit – Variety cameras sold in the market is the result of development of previous cameras. Starting from analog cameras, SLR cameras until now appeared a wide range of cameras. Compact camera, Polaroid, DSLR, DSLT, Mirrorless, Prosumer, etc. But in general, all the cameras now use the digital system. That is why the mention of the SLR camera is added the letter “D” so that a DSLR because it has been added SLR digital storage technology that does not need celluloid anymore.
DSLR cameras on the market itself is very much variety and type and brand. You can choose different camera brands that may be considered suitable for you. Selection of the model or type of any kind and you can adjust to your needs to be a camera. Do you need a digital SLR camera that is technologically sophisticated or simple feature but can produce maximum image, everything is in your hands to make a choice. DSLR cameras because basically it is intended to produce a quality image. Although it is sometimes size is big enough to make a DSLR camera pocket is not concisely or mirrorless camera and prosumer. Sony, companies producing cameras that do a lot of development in the field of mirrorless cameras was also issued a DSLR camera that should be considered, namely the Sony SLT-A58 KIT.
Prices and Specifications Digital Camera Sony SLT-A58 Kit

Price Camera Sony SLT-A58 KIT

Sony SLT-A58 camera KIT is intended for all ages. It could be said that this camera is a mid-end camera that can be used by all levels of photographers. The price offered was quite friendly about 331.88 USD. The price is quite affordable right? It is still on top of the price of the camera beginners, but the quality that you will get any beginner course on top of the camera. Prices listed here would be different from the price offered for each store.

Specifications Sony SLT-A58 camera KIT

KIT Sony SLT-A58 is Sony cameras that is devoted to your hobby of photography. That said, this camera is intended for semi-professionals, professionals and photographers who will move up a level to leave the camera beginners. Outside of the camera’s body 128.6×95.5×77.7 mm dimension and weighs approximately 492 grams for the body only. The camera is equipped with Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor measuring 23.2×15.4 mm and has a resolution of 20.1 megapixels are certainly promising results of high-quality images, crisp and clear. Also thanks to its sensor, this camera can produce Full HD video. The camera is also equipped with a fairly high ISO range from 100 to 3200 and can be extended up to 16000 so you can take pictures even in low light conditions without flash.
Prices Sony Digital Camera SLT-A58 Cheapest Complete Kit is also equipped with AF can be set manually or automatically. Also there are 3 AF modes, namely Single-Servo, Continuous-Servo AF, and Manual Focus. Do not forget also the 3-inch LCD Rear Screen Tilting depth 460 800 which can be rotated 360 degrees and lets you perform the settings or shooting using live finder. The camera is also equipped with SteadyShot Image Stabilization which will safeguard the stability of the camera when taking pictures so that the blur can be minimized. The speed of taking pictures on the camera can reach 8 fps when shooting continuously. Overall, this camera is very feasible as a semi-professional camera that can be a weapon to hunt for your picture photographers.