Prices and specifications Camera Sony Alpha 900 Full-Frame Gallery

By | January 19, 2016
Prices and specifications Camera Sony Alpha 900 Full-Frame Gallery – Variety cameras sold in the market is the result of development of previous cameras. Starting from analog cameras, SLR cameras until now appeared a wide range of cameras. Compact camera, Polaroid, DSLR, DSLT, Mirrorless, Prosumer, etc. But in general, all the cameras now use the digital system. That is why the mention of the SLR camera is added the letter “D” so that a DSLR because it has been added SLR digital storage technology that does not need celluloid anymore.
DSLR cameras on the market itself is very much variety and type and brand. You can choose different camera brands that may be considered suitable for you. Selection of the model or type of any kind and you can adjust to your needs to be a camera. Do you need a digital SLR camera that is technologically sophisticated or simple feature but can produce maximum image, everything is in your hands to make a choice. DSLR cameras because basically it is intended to produce a quality image. Although it is sometimes size is big enough to make a DSLR camera pocket is not concisely or mirrorless camera and prosumer. Sony, companies producing cameras that do a lot of development in the field of mirrorless cameras was also issued a high-end DSLR camera her full frame type that is the Sony Alpha 900.
Prices and specifications Camera Sony Alpha 900 Full-Frame Gallery

Price Camera Sony Alpha 900

Camera Sony Alpha DSLR camera is a product of Sony’s so-called high-end camera of the brand ini.Sehingga do not be surprised if the price is quite soar, even though this camera is a camera that has long circulated in the market. The price for a Sony Alpha 900 camera is around 1,709.89 USD to 2,597.30 USD. The price you see here is the reference price which the original price at each store can vary.

Specifications Camera Sony Alpha 900

Sony Alpha 900 is the first full-frame camera from Sony and a camera called a flagship high-end cameras from Sony. Although it has been long enough in the market, but this camera is much sought after photographers although the price is quite expensive. Outside of the camera body is made of magnesium alloy that looks very sturdy and strong and dimensions 156x117x82 mm and weighs 850 grams without battery and 895 grams with battery. The camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor Exmor CMOS Yag sized 24×35.9 mm and has a resolution of 24.6 megapixels. The camera is also paired with Dual BIONZ Image Processor or two processor BIONZ image processor that makes this camera can be a weapon you to capture images with high quality and fast.
Camera Sony Alpha 900 also features a 9 point AF points with 10 points to help the Wide AF mode. On this camera also has a view finder coverage up to 100% where the camera predecessor only had view finder coverage area of ​​95%. Do not forget also the 3-inch LCD TFT active matrix technology that allows you to look back at the picture and make settings in the camera kamera.Selain there are also some special effects features such as Autumn, Autumn Leaves, BnW, Clear, Deep, Landscape, Light, Sepia, Sunset, etc. Do not forget also the White Balance feature on this camera. For storage, you can use memory stick pro duo. You also buffer using a USB cable to connect this camera to a computer. This product is a product of the answer to the longing users of Minolta film SLR cameras which then answered with the release of Full-Frame DSLR first by Sony producer in 2008.

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