Price and Specifications Sony A6000 Camera

Price and Specifications Sony A6000 Camera – This type of camera is offered in the market seems to become more crowded with the presence of prosumer cameras and mirrorless cameras are lately getting crowded discussed. Especially mirrorless camera that progress quite rapidly until today. Cameras are staying gadangkan as midway between the camera and a DSLR camera pocket is much sought after camera users who want to feel the quality of a mirrorless camera.
Not without reason called mirrorless cameras as photographers. This camera because it was originally created for people who do not want the size of a DSLR camera but capable of producing the same image quality or at least able to compete with DSLR cameras. Because indeed if the affairs of image quality, DSLR cameras have many advantages compared pocket camera. The mirrorless camera like an answer to a long wait. Nowadays, many mirrorless camera that almost resembles a DSLR camera in the display so that the general public seems difficult to distinguish the two cameras at a glance of the eye. For those who are confused, the difference will be a little difficult if only seen from the outside only.
Perhaps the difference of the size of mirrorless cameras are of course small lebh from DSLR cameras. Besides the difference is, if there is a mirror reflecting light DSLR then in the mirror mirrorless cameras eliminated. Which means mirrorless camera has no optical viewfinder. That is also why it is called mirrorless cameras. One of the developers and camera manufacturers that do a lot of development in the category of mirrorless cameras is Sony. This name may not be familiar to you already in existence in the world of electronics and cameras. Yes, Sony is a big name in the world that is no stranger to the camera. One of Sony’s mirrorless product called has best quality camera that Sony A6000 which digadang-gadangkan as the fastest camera with auto focus.
Price and Specifications Sony A6000 Camera

Price Camera Sony A6000

Sony Camera A6000 is one of Sony’s latest mirrorless camera that was released in April 2014. The price when released to US $ 650 for body only and $ 800 for a package with a kit lens. Today, the price of a Sony camera A6000 is around 548.38 USD to 685.48 USD

Camera specifications Sony A6000

Sony A6000 is a replacement camera brand owned NEX mirrorless cameras Sony. The camera is called auto focus camera with the world’s fastest. In the view of the outside, Sony A6000 looks more rigid and more boxes than mirrorless or DSLR cameras usually create the impression that it may seem a little vintage yet futuristic. The size of this camera is approximately 15.4 x 14.5 x 13 cm. The camera is equipped with the APSC CMOS sensor has a resolution of 24.3 Megapixel and paired with BIONZX Image Processor or BIONZX image processing processor which makes this camera can be a weapon you to capture images with high quality and fast. In addition, this camera also has ISO sensitivity up to 25600 which allows you to take pictures when low light.
Excellent features is the ability to be emphasized Sony AF performance that claimed the world’s fastest, in 0.06 seconds, the fastest in its class. Hybrid AF system is also able to cover 92% frame and can perform continuous shooting at 11 fps .. Get sharp photos with accurate it will be easier thanks to the support of the autofocus point reached 179 points. This camera also offers a zebra pattern and clean HDMI output for movie lovers. There are also LCD 921k-dot Xtra Fine berkururan 3 inches and can be tilted. Like the mirrorless camera, this camera has no optical viewfinder, but the A6000 is equipped with an electronic viewfinder 1440k dots. For the prevention of blur, the camera is also equipped with Optical SteadyShot. For connectivity, this camera can even be connected to wifi.

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